Meet CA of the Month, Rosie Martinez


NACP: How long have you worked in the victim assistance field?

ROSIE: I have been in the victim services field for the over 17 years. I have developed and implemented regional victim assistance programs to provided services to victims of family violence, sexual assault, child abuse, teen dating violence, survivors of homicide victims, stalking, and human trafficking in Hidalgo, Cameron, Willacy, Brooks and Starr Counties in Texas. I started my career in victim assistance with the Hidalgo County Juvenile Probation Department working with first time and then worked as a Legal Advocate with Mujeres Unidas for 8 years helping victims with protective orders, immigration relief, crisis intervention, support services, emergency shelter services, Crime Victims Compensation. I also worked as the Criminal Justice Planner for the Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Council of Government where I worked with the Criminal Justice Division Grants of the Office of the Governor of Texas.

NACP: Where do you practice as an advocate now?

ROSIE: My current position is the Victims Unit Director for the Hidalgo County District Attorney’s Office.

NACP: What do you see as the benefits of credentialing?

ROSIE: I am very passionate of the victim services filed and I believe that this filed is very important and all Victim Advocates should be credentialed. The service they provide is a professional service that assists victim recover from the after math of crime. During my career in Victim Services I have seen many Victim Advocates that dedicate their lifetime to this field and their work should be recognized just as any other profession. The NACP is an excellent way to show that you are capacitated to perform the duties in a professional capacity.

NACP: How have others reacted to your credential?

ROSIE: Other colleagues and victim advocates have designated me as the expert in my field because of my national credential and years of service. I always encourage Victim Advocates to apply for the CA so they can be proud of their accomplishments and training.

NACP: Do you display your NACP credential and use the “CA” after your name professionally?

ROSIE: Yes! My credential hangs on my wall as the most important achievement I have received. . I am very proud of my CA credential and I use CA after my name because I want everyone to know what hard work I’ve done to get my CA. I also use this designation on my social media presence so that others can see that Victim Advocates are professionals that can achieve credentials.

NACP: Do you have a story related to your proudest moment as a CA or credentialed advocate?

ROSIE: The National Organization for Victim Assistance awarded me the national honor advocate award in the category of Pioneers in Advocacy for the advancement in victims’ rights in our region. In addition, the Senate of the State of Texas passed a Proclamation to recognize my career in victim services and the NOVA Honor Advocate Award. The Hidalgo County Commissioner’s Court passed a resolution as well. I have attached both for your review. In addition, I was recognized as by the Texas Council on Family for my leadership and life’s work to empower other women.

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Thank you to Rosie and the over 6,000 advocates who have been credentialed since the program’s inception in 2003!

*The NACP featured CA of the Month is a randomly selected credentialed advocate.  The highlighting of these CAs is not meant as an endorsement or assurance that the featured credentialed advocates are qualified or competent to provide services to crime victims.

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