NACP Group Services

When contracting with groups (15 or more applicants)  for NACP credentialing, we offer the following services for an additional 10% fee.  Our Group Services plan was developed to offer better customer service to groups seeking credentialing and to cover our additional administrative costs associated with providing the following:

•    Scheduled Quarterly Reports

•    Up to one additional report per month

•    Option for bulk payment

•    Access to Quarterly training on NACP and the application process

•    On-demand assessment of initial training for NACP pre-approval and consultation regarding continuing education training

•    Locked-in, discounted rate at our annual conference

•    Free meeting space 1 day before, during, and 1 day after conference, as needed and subject to availability

 The above list is not offered to the general public applying for NACP certification.

Please contact us for additional information.