Lyft Trust and Safety Staff to Become Credentialed Advocates through the National Organization for Victim Assistance 40-Hour Training.

We are excited to announce that Lyft is investing in new employee training and will professionally credential all of their Trust and Safety team members who graduate from the 40-hour Victim Assistance training provided by the National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA). NACP is proud to support these efforts.

Learn more: https://blog.lyft.com/posts/lyft-teams-up-with-nova


The National Advocate Review Committee is pleased to announce the addition of two new specialty areas at the request of our credentialed advocates! At this week’s NACP Review Committee meeting the committee voted to add these two new specialties:

Identity Theft/Financial Crimes

Human Trafficking

Both will be posted on the website soon along with related training topics. When a specialty is declared, there is a minimum training hour requirement for each NACP level which must be met in order for the advocate to declare the specialty area. Please see the required training topics and hours for all specialty areas under the training tab.

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Greene County, OH (Prosecutor’s Office) advocates wear their Advocacy Is… T-shirts with pride!  

All are NACP Credentialed advocates.  Greene County Prosecutor Stephen Haller supports credentialing and continuing education for his professional advocates.

NACP Adds Specialty Area:

The Campus Advocacy Specialty 

Sexual assault and domestic violence are a challenge to our nation, and young college women are at the highest risk.  Over 25% of college women experience sexual assault by the time they graduate and nearly half (43%) of dating college women report experiencing violence and abusive behavior.  The National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA) has demanded action as several brave campus survivors have come forward to share their experiences, which all too often include the trauma of re-victimization perpetuated by inaction, victim blaming and lack of support at institutions of higher education.  According to NOVA’s Executive Director, Chief Justice Richard Barajas (retired), “To enhance support, resources and information for campus survivors, NOVA believes every college campus should offer trained and credentialed victim advocates.”

As the first voluntary credentialing program available to crime victim advocates nationwide, NACP is uniquely positioned to create new standards and professional  recognition for campus victim advocates.   The new NACP credential specialty – Campus Advocacy Specialist – encourages campus advocates to seek specialized training and commit to NACP’s recognized standards for ethical and professional conduct.

As of August 2016, campus advocates may apply to NACP to become a Credentialed Advocate (CA) and choose the Campus Advocacy Specialty.  In addition to training many campus advocates receive on Title IX, Campus Sexual Assault, Prevention and other topics, NOVA now offers a 20-hour specialized training program for campus advocates called NOVA Campus Advocacy Training (NCAT).  The first group of graduates completed the 20-hour specialty course in February of 2017.

The Campus Advocacy Specialty is in addition to the following specialty areas:  

  • Comprehensive (serving three or more of the below populations)
  • Sexual Assault
  • Domestic Violence
  • Child Abuse
  • Homicide
  • Drunk Driving
  • Program Management (specific to program administrators, directors and managers)